Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Talk

I got a confession to make. I am curios as a cat.So addicted to explore new things. Especially about new way to generate money.
So, if i got free time , i never resist any invitations from friends or even from strangers to attend the talk or briefing about any money making opportunities. To listen to the plan and the system. It's a free session anyway. No problem.

1)Cash Generators/Fund Raising Machine
2)Multi Level/Network Marketing
3) Online Business Portal/e-commerce
4) Affiliate Programs
5) 'Brick and mortar' businesses

The only problem is, when your friends or that someone who invited you were so reluctant to brief you about the business before the talk, and they expected you to fully understand from A - Z during the briefing at their centre. The worst part is, when they expected you to sign up instantly without further evaluation..and that sucks.

So please, next time give your 'prospect' a brief infos about the business /opportunities before you bring them to the talk.At least they have enough time to study the outcomes. It will save more time, for both parties.

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