Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Kahuna of 2009

So, we're in the middle of Global Recession 09. I am not an economist to talk about it but someone warned me about that before, and that was back in 2004. He called that as 'The Third Wave" , The mother of all modern recessions.(that's soo creepy..) So, i guess the recession in the late 80's was the "First Wave" and Asian Financial Crisis in 97 was the "Second Wave"
(So, what about 'The Great Depression' in the 30's . It wont considered as any 'wave' at all, is it? )

He warned me to be prepared but i am still not that fully prepared. My fault.

Anyway, this "Third Wave" already took its toll on millions of blue collars workers around the globe. By March 2009, about 176 000 Malaysian industrial workers are expected to lose their jobs and thousands more will follow. They will join another 60 000 unemployed graduates and if we add with foreign labours in Malaysia who also will be retrench, that will total up to nearly 1 million by end of this year...
Now that's what i called as 'A Big Kahuna' that will swallow any living being.

The question now is..what the hell are we, as a invidual, going to do about that.??

For some people, this is a disaster, the end of everything ...but for some unique people, this recession is a blessing and a chance to look for the alternatives.For them, this is the start of everything. And i want to talk to those unique people.

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