Monday, February 9, 2009

Venture to Survive!!

Ok, since we're in the middle of recession, i believed that we cannot just rely on our hard- earned monthly salary anymore. The only way to survive now is to look for additional pocket money. This is what i did for the last couple of months; hunting the MSI, or the Multiple Stream of Incomes. This hunting will not involved part-time jobs opportunity or income from setting up physical business entity such as a restaurant or a burger stall.( I will hunt for those later..) Right now, I'm hunting for the existed 'Income Opportunity' that already being prepared and developed(and tested) to be venture, which i called as THE PROGRAMS in the market which have these criteria:

1) Cheap
2) Good pay-out plan/system
3) Level of Legality (off course..)

Most important thing is, how positive are we to evaluate the opportunity?

“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.”
~Robert H. Schuller ~ (American Entrepreneur and Author, b. b.1926)

So, here are some programs that i came across recently, which i think legal and affordable enough for anyone to venture . In f act, for those who being retrenched and out of job recently, these programs are actually a good start to venture as a full time business.However, some of the program here already have 'not-so-good' reputations among the venturer community,but i believe that its not the program or the system that sucks but the people who joined it. It is the greedy-but-lazy member of the program who always screwed up things and then spread the wrong ideology to the public. These kind of people who have HYIP mentality of 'Deposit,Sit back and get money' and forgot that to earn the return(money) from these programs , they actually have to work it out.

That's why I will try my best not to include HYIP programs but
if you really sure that the programs/business ventures mentioned below is HYIP, please INFORM ME!

SO, let's the Venture begin..but...ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

( It is still under construction and if you have/joined any programs which is not included in here,please tell me.I will list it down here together with your contact number.)

Cash Gifting /Fund/Pool Program (Program Kutu)
3) (recommended) (for Direct Contact: 012-6518554 Khairy)-(BM Version is under construction)
4)Ukhwah Fund (PUIB)

Webhosting Membership Program

Internet Affliate Program
1) Smart Network (Recommended)
2) Modal Niaga
3) Nextcash (For Direct Contact :
0192730801 Siti Aminah)

Internet Advertising Portal:
1) (recommended)
2)E-mall Network
3) Uptrend ( For Direct Contact : 012-8091324 Hafiza)

1) Al-Baroka Network (Recommended)
2) EXTREMEMAN (For Direct Contact : 017-611 2958 Mohd Azdman Zakarya)
4) FnR (Water Treatment Solution) (For Direct Contact: 017-8809707 Mohd Fadzly)
4)Skor A (Recommended) (for Direct Contact: 012-3531314 Aszahari)
5) GMC Network (Recommended) (for Direct Contact :012-2656142/019-2020576 Ahmad Huzaimi)
6) Hai-O Marketing ( for Direct Contact : 0176615895 Faizal)
7) Ceramic Business Club
8) Xango (for Direct Contact :017-2211345/019-2288822 Johari Hussain)

9) Pena2u

Telecommunication Income:
1) (30)
2)Otelopro (recommended)

'Wallet' Program
1)Mobile Money
2)Mobile Wallet

1)Liteforex (recommended) (for Direct Contact: 019-3360561 Adilah)

Online Trading/Investing Portal

1)HY Market (For more details, click to Globetrotter Ali )

Internet Lottery:
1) Take Your Level

'Bricks and Mortars' -
1)Golden Nest Properties Sdn Bhd (for Direct Contact: 012-6518554 Khairy)
2) Unstoppable Corporation (For Direct Contact : 013-3872552 Ahmad Tarmizi)
3) Licenced Aircraft Engineer & Parts (LAE Contracting) (For Direct Contact : 012-3480490 Nizam)
4) Yazid Burger (For Direct Contact : 016-3358709 Abu)

*For futher references, you may look at CariGold

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